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Japan - Prime Minister (1951-1972)

Flag of Prime Minister of Japan (1951-1972)

Japan - Prime Minister (1951-1972)
usage: personal/rank flag ( state/government, prime minister)
characteristic (FIS): Historic flag no longer in use
in use since: OCT-1951
in use until: 1972
continent: Asia
region: Eastern Asia
Country: Japan
shape: rectangularrectangular
colors: darkwhite (+ other minor colors)yellow, white,  (+ other minor colors)
devices: FLOWER
number: 5
color: white
attribute: circularly positioned
number: 5
color: white
same as: flower
number: 1
color: dark yellow
secondary devices: FIMBRATION/OUTLINE
color: red
part of: flower
division: plain plain: charge presence: charged, number of colors: 3 colors,

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