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Serb royalists

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Three traditionally dressed Serb royalists hold national flag in front of the church, as thousands gathered Sunday May 15, 2005 at a World War II memorial in central Serbia to honor a controversial guerrilla leader Gen. Dragoljub Mihajlovic who fought against Nazis but was executed by rival Communists in 1945 as a traitor. Admirers of Gen. Dragoljub Mihajlovic, an officer of the pre-1941 Yugoslav Royal Army, attended the ceremony at the Mt. Ravna Gora, 70 kilometers (40 miles) southwest of Belgrade, in a historic first, the event was co-sponsored by the authorities, amid efforts for political reconciliation following decades of Communism here.
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Place:Serbia and Montenegro
Date taken:May 2005
Date added:May 2005
Source:AP Photo / Srdjan Ilic