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AUG-2011 London Triathlon

JUL-2011 South Sudan flag at football match

JUL-2011 Afghan honour guard

JUL-2011 Copa America in Argentina

MAY-2011 Turkmenistan Presidential Palace

FEB-2011 Protests in Yemen

FEB-2011 Germany Bob World Championship

FEB-2011 Sri Lanka Independence Day

FEB-2011 March in Cairo


NOV-2010 Hungary 1956 Revolution Anniversary

OCT-2010 Opera "A Kind Of Yellow" by Johanna Doderer

OCT-2010 Panama Anniversary

OCT-2010 Franco Russian German summit

OCT-2010 Switzerland - World's Longest Tunnel

OCT-2010 Commonwealth Games in India

SEP-2010 Truckers' protest in Greece

SEP-2010 Uruguayan plane crash survivors share experience

AUG-2010 Presidents of Peru and Panama

AUG-2010 Morocco Spain border

AUG-2010 Peruvian soldiers ceremony

AUG-2010 Berlin Wall - 49th anniversary

AUG-2010 Bike stunts with Indian flags

AUG-2010 Mine Collapse in Chile

AUG-2010 Flags flying in Thessaloniki

AUG-2010 Malawi President officially unveils new flag

JUL-2010 Uganda African Union Summit

JUN-2010 Guatemala City Square

MAY-2010 Hummus Record

JAN-2010 Fans cheering in front of big flag Angolan flag


NOV-2009 Stained Honduran Flag

NOV-2009 Alcoa Protest

NOV-2009 Terror Anniversary

JUL-2009 Flag at Alphorn Festival

MAY-2009 Nepal's Republic Day

APR-2009 Thai anti-government demonstrator

JAN-2009 Kenyan dancer


AUG-2008 Viorica Susanu and Gerorgeta Andrunache

MAY-2008 Fans of Partizan FC of Belgrade


AUG-2007 Bahrain Fishing Grounds

JUL-2007 Asian Cup Soccer Celebration

JUL-2007 Celebrating Navy Day in Gorky Park

JUL-2007 Tour de France winner Alberto Contador

JUL-2007 Sochi elected for Winter 2014 Olympics

JUN-2007 Charleston fire

JUN-2007 Red Cross Workers

JUN-2007 Vietnamese protesters in New York

JUN-2007 Emirates Team New Zealand

JUN-2007 Scottish football fan

JUN-2007 Entrance to Buda Castle

MAY-2007 Greek President in Moscow

MAY-2007 Chavez vs TV

MAY-2007 PLA Honour Guard

MAY-2007 Ataturk Day

MAY-2007 Bulgarian national flag painted at a polling station

MAY-2007 Gay Rally in Hong Kong

MAY-2007 Taekwondo Championship 2007

MAY-2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki

MAY-2007 Secular Rally in Izmir

MAY-2007 Secular Rally in Izmir (2)

MAY-2007 Monument to Azerbaijan's late President Geidar Aliev

APR-2007 Lowering the Union Jack

APR-2007 Italy's crew member waits for wind

MAR-2007 Myanmar Armed Forces Day

MAR-2007 Ghana 50 years of independence

MAR-2007 American Cup Gymnastics

MAR-2007 Brazil Amazon Swimmer

FEB-2007 Protest against North Korea's nuclear program

FEB-2007 NYSE facade

FEB-2007 Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

FEB-2007 South/North Korea Border

FEB-2007 Kosovo protest funeral

FEB-2007 Rugby Sevens France-Samoa

FEB-2007 Slovenian Soldiers

FEB-2007 Italy Soccer Violence

FEB-2007 Kashmir Day

FEB-2007 Severe Weather

FEB-2007 Coffin Covered with Lebanese Flag

FEB-2007 Severe Weather - Destroyed Church

FEB-2007 Burning of North Korean flags

JAN-2007 Morocco fans


DEC-2006 Members of Lebanese opposition stand in line holding torches and national flags

SEP-2006 Cuban president and Russian prime minister in Havana

SEP-2006 Flags of coalition forces

SEP-2006 Qatari flags: national flag and flag of the Qatar Air Force

SEP-2006 Protestors wave flags from their vehicles on main highway leading to Budapest

SEP-2006 Mao Zedong's anniversary

JUL-2006 French navy - evacuation of southern Lebanon

JUL-2006 Funeral services for Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cst. Marc Bourdages

JUL-2006 Juan Luis Barrios,1500 meters final of the Central American and Caribbean Games

JUL-2006 Image of the Cuban national hero Jose Marti in Bayamo, Cuba, in Granma province

JUN-2006 Defaced (violated) Portuguese flag

JUN-2006 Irish tricolour flag on the top of the Central Post Office

MAY-2006 Saint-Yves Day, patron saint of the Bretons

APR-2006 Massacre Anniversary in Yerevan

APR-2006 Blacked out flags on billbooard

APR-2006 The Peace Tower

APR-2006 Maaleh Adumim

APR-2006 Firemen flood rescue

MAR-2006 Proud to be Breton

MAR-2006 Flag of Greece

MAR-2006 Maurice Wignall celebrates in Melbourne

MAR-2006 March in Ecuador

MAR-2006 Japan, the baseball champion

MAR-2006 Playing in front of waterfall

FEB-2006 Burning of a French flag in Pakistan

FEB-2006 Winter Olympics preparation

FEB-2006 Restaruant "Tito" in Paracin

FEB-2006 Burning of a Danish flag in Pakistan

JAN-2006 Zoroastrian large bonfire

JAN-2006 Homeless in sports hall

JAN-2006 Football: Egypt-Morocco

JAN-2006 March in Havana

JAN-2006 Fidel Castro watches a march

JAN-2006 Upside-down flag on a radio tower

JAN-2006 Mario Soares campaign

JAN-2006 Protest against corruption (2)

JAN-2006 Protest against corruption (1)

JAN-2006 Ski flying World Championships

JAN-2006 Hadassah hospital

JAN-2006 Michelle Bachelet

JAN-2006 Sheik Maktoum half staff


DEC-2005 Havana Harbour

NOV-2005 Independence Day parade

NOV-2005 Anti-terrorism demonstration in Amman

NOV-2005 Rally in Baku

NOV-2005 Greenpeace activists

NOV-2005 US Marine Corps with Iraqi Army

NOV-2005 The personal flag of Britain's Prince Charles

OCT-2005 Tenth National Sports Games in Nanjing

OCT-2005 Chinese astronauts

OCT-2005 Anti guns activists

AUG-2005 Palestinian man paints on a wall

AUG-2005 Crvena Zvezda (Red Star Belgrade) fans

AUG-2005 Palestinians pray

AUG-2005 Russian Women's 4x400 meters team

AUG-2005 Liberation Day from Japanese rule in Seoul

JUL-2005 Dongfang 1-1 Gas Field

JUL-2005 Exhibition of Norwegian flags in Zagreb

JUN-2005 Albanian special forces member

MAY-2005 Georgian soldiers

MAY-2005 Vienna's Belvedere palace

MAY-2005 Serb royalists

APR-2005 Syrian-Lebanese border

APR-2005 Barclays Capital Ultimate North Expedition Team

APR-2005 Bangladesh's Embassy Kuwait

APR-2005 Napoleonic war coffins

APR-2005 Anti-Japan rally in Seoul

APR-2005 Sikh women in Kabul

APR-2005 Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria

APR-2005 Pope mourning in Ramallah

APR-2005 Ron Cogan's house

APR-2005 Taiwan Presidential Building

MAR-2005 Lebanese opposition demonstrators

FEB-2005 Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima

FEB-2005 Demonstration against President Lucio Gutierrez

FEB-2005 Serbian President Boris Tadic

FEB-2005 50-kilometer Ski-Track

FEB-2005 Football match Albania-Ukraine

FEB-2005 Football supporters of North Korea in Saitama, Japan

FEB-2005 President Gnassingbe Eyadema death

JAN-2005 Venezuelan farmer


DEC-2004 Fifth aniversary of Chinese rule in Macau

DEC-2004 15th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Panama

DEC-2004 10th International Convention on Climate Change in Buenos Aires

DEC-2004 Vaitape harbor

DEC-2004 Inauguration of Millau brige

DEC-2004 Esther Kamatari

DEC-2004 Basescu's victory celebration

DEC-2004 Anti-royal Basque demonstration

DEC-2004 Chanukah celebration

DEC-2004 Turkish family

DEC-2004 George Bush remarks to military personnel

DEC-2004 David Coulthard and Colin McRae

DEC-2004 Friday prayer

DEC-2004 The World project

NOV-2004 Children - HIV

NOV-2004 Iranians protest against Israel

NOV-2004 Policeman funeral

NOV-2004 Demonstration in Rabat, Morocco

NOV-2004 Viktor Yushchenko's supporters' demonstration

NOV-2004 Police cadets

NOV-2004 Anti-Israeli/US demonstration

NOV-2004 Velvet revolution march

NOV-2004 Student demonstrations.

NOV-2004 Andorra-Netherlands, football match

JUL-2004 Chagos Islanders demonstration

JUN-2004 Croatian waterpolo supporters

APR-2004 Manneken Pis

MAR-2004 Chinese anti-Japan protest


SEP-2003 National Flag Day in Sidney

AUG-2003 Castillo San Felipe


AUG-2002 Arctic Bonanza


SEP-2001 The American Flag on construction sign


AUG-1991 Yeltsin reads a statement


JAN-1965 Sir Winston Churchill's funeral


JAN-1964 Swiss National Exposition in Lausanne 1964


FEB-1945 Flag raising on Iwo Jima


MAR-1942 Moments without Proper Names


JAN-1939 Swiss National Exposition in Zurich 1939


JUN-1938 Cheering crowd in Zurich, celebrating victory over Germany